Creating a Shared Vision


In the previous topic we started discussion on the importance of creating purpose for your people. Creating a shared vision for your team is a simple way to start your journey to providing purpose and creating higher levels of employee engagement and job satisfaction.

Why do I need a shared vision?

Would you prefer a satisfied, empowered team made up of people that know what they need to do and enjoy coming to work every day to do it, or a team made up of people that need close supervision and management oversight and can’t wait to get to the end of the day? ….Easy answer right?

A shared vision provides the purpose that people need to feel empowered, and maintains their alignment to your organizational goals.


What is a shared vision?

Put simply, a shared vision is a summary of the purpose, principles, and product of your team.

The order of these is important. Always define your purpose and principles before product. You can also look at the model like so:

Purpose: why does your team exist?
Principles: how does your team function?
Product: what do you output?

insights & further reading

A recent employee engagement survey identified that 75% of people at organizations with high levels of employee engagement “agree that the organization’s mission and goals provide meaningful direction to them” compared to 58% at other employers1

Only one third of millennials agree that ”…the mission or purpose of their organization makes them feel their job is important.”2


Your ability to respond and innovate rapidly is increased when you have engaged and autonomous people that feel valued.

Hold workshops to create or review your team and organizational visions.

  • include your entire team
  • use the purpose, principles, product methodology.
  • remember; the order is important
  • listen to everyone
  • see it through
    • we estimate at least 6 hours worth of face-to-face time across 2 sessions initially

Communicate the vision.

  • communicate the vision often until it becomes part of your organizational language


  • renew the vision via workshops at least annually

Our methods & tools section includes everything you need to facilitate a shared vision workshop, including a sample agenda, notes for the leader/facilitator, and a presentation to introduce and expand on the concepts.

methods & tools

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